Run with joy is for everyone who wants to start running, stay in shape or to move up a level. Above all, is about experiencing or maintaining the joy of running and challenging yourself.

I got serious about my running rather late in life myself. Today, as a 54-year-old, I am an ultrarunner and hold the Danish record in 6-days races for my age group with 553km. I have won silver at the Danish 24-Hour Championships, run 3 100 miles races as well as several 100 km races, some of which in the jungle or the mountains in Thailand.

My goal with is, through coaching, lectures, training camps and knowledge sharing, to inspire, share my experiences and not least to pass on my joy of running and training.

I’m the author of the Danish books “Ultrakvinderne – om seje kvinder og ekstreme løb” (“the Ultra Women – about cool women and extreme races”) and “Træn med glæde” (“Train with Joy”).

Most lately I have, together with the ultra capacity Jesper Kenn Olsen, the trainer of the Danish national ultra team, written the first manual on ultra running in Danish. The book is called “Ultraløb for alle – begyndere, rutinerede og elite” (“Ultra Running for everyone – beginners, advanced and elite”) and is an absolute must for all runners who wish to pout an ultra in front of their title.

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My next big challenge is a 6 day races in France in Spring 2023. You can follow my preparations and results on my Facebook page.

Here, I also share all the activities that take place in, such as training camps, lectures and teaching, as well as relevant knowledge and research about training and running.