Lectures and more

I live and breathe for running. And as a journalist and communications consultant, I love to talk and write about it as well.

It’s about running. But it’s also more broadly about how rewarding it can be to challenge yourself a little more and to take it a step further. In some cases even over the edge. I learned about this in the meetings with my “ultra women”, who break all boundaries for what is, at first sight, humanly possible. And I’ve experienced it firsthand during my own journey into the world of ultra running.

Today I share my knowledge and experiences in the media and in lectures. You can, for example, listen to this interview about The Ultrarunner’s DNA that I gave to Runcast, a running podcast for runners. I am just as happy to address the experienced ultra runner, woman or man, as the new runner who has a goal of being able to run 5 kilometers straight. Or anyone who simply dreams of venturing a little more in life.

Contact me here if you would like a lecture, an article, have ideas for collaboration or simply want to know more about what I can offer.