is for everyone who wants to start running, stay in shape or move up a level. Above all, is about experiencing or maintaining the joy of running and challenging yourself.


I can help with your training regardless of whether you’re beginner or advanced. I help you to get started – or to move up a level.


I live and breathe for running. And as a writer and a lecturer I love writing and talking about it.

Power Pilates

As a certified pilates instructor, I teach both classes and privately. You don’t have to be a runner to experience the gains of having a strong body.

About me

My theoretical approach is combined with practical experience. My resume includes numerous ultra races.

I love to inspire

I got serious about my running rather late in life myself. Today, as a 54-year-old, I am an ultra runner and hold the Danish record in 6-days races for my age group with 553km. I have won silver at the Danish 24-Hour Championships, run 3 100 miles races as well as several 100 km races, some in the jungle and mountains of Thailand.

I base my coaching on an in-depth and long-standing theoretical and practical understanding of running, especially ultra running. As author of “The Ultra women” and co-author of “Ultra running for all”, together with Jesper Kenn Olsen, I am familiar with the extensive and latest research available on running and its effects on the body. As an ultra runner with a long series of ultra runs on my resume, I have lots of practical experience to pull on.

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Be inspired

“Ultrakvinderne”, “The Ultra Women”, is not only about running but about what happens when you take more risks in your life. In “Træn med glæde”, “Train with Joy”, you get tools to find and keep your motivation to exercise. Whether it’s running or something else, it’s about making exercise an integral part of your life. “Ultraløb for alle”, “Ultra Running for all”, is a manual and a must for all runners who want to add an “ultra” to their title.

You can read more and buy the books with the publisher by clicking on the images or you can order them directly with me by using the form to the left. Write your adress and your phone number and they’ll be delivered to you directly. Prices include delivery in Denmark. Payment through MobilePay on 23 98 03 42.


If you’re curious as to what makes people run ultras, listen to this Podcast. Here, I talk about that makes people achieve the most incredible accomplishments. And I talk about the fascinating ultra women that I met when adventuring into the exciting universe of ultra running myself.

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