Power Pilates

Strength training is a must

There are very few people, especially new runners, who do not experience pain somewhere when they start running. Running puts stress on muscles and joints, and unfortunately many end up quitting running due to problems.

It’s a shame. Because actually there is nothing that running is not good for. Diseases such as osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis are just two examples.

What, on the other hand, becomes more and more important the older your body gets, is finding the right balance between activity and recovery. If, as a 50-year-old new runner, you set out to run five kilometers in twenty minutes, it will be of no surprise that your muscles or joints may complain. If, on the other hand, you set out to build up the distance gradually, for example by means of a combination of walking and running, then there is hardly any limit as to how far you can go. You can always move forward. And go a little further.

As a certified pilates instructor, I have taken the principles of a strong core into running. I recommend to all that I coach to supplement their running with power pilates. I suggest tailor made exercises that are based on the individual’s level and physical strengths and weaknesses.

You are welcome to contact me, also if you are not a runner, but simply want a stronger body. I give both individual lessons and teach small groups.